Getting out of our comfort zone

I think I have blogophobia. If there is not such a word, I will create it.  I realized I have not written a blog post since last year. Granted, I have been busy with other things, such as finishing up my nutrition school, leading workshops and writing my monthly newsletters.

So, here I am and this is what brings me to my first post (again) which should be titled

“Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone”
In what ways have you really stretched yourself lately? Is there anything you have always been wanting to do but are just too afraid to try it?  Growing up, I’ve had many fears.  I was painfully shy, so talking with strangers was not high on my list (unlike my super social albe daughter).  I also had a fear of heights. I remember once in college, my boyfriend at the time convinced me to climb the nearest mountain. I don’t even think it was that high, but I panicked when we got close to the top. I literally froze and could not look down. I’m sure he thought I was nuts.  But he patiently took my hand and led me back down the mountain while I secretly beat myself up for being so afraid. I was also afraid of “the ball”.  Any kind of ball- basketball, volleyball, baseball, you name it. It may have stemmed from when I got slammed in the head with a softball when I was in first grade.  At least I can use that as an excuse for why I tend to forget things- LOL.  As a result, I never really enjoyed participating in sports.
There was one fear, however, that I faced f rom time to time. It is  supposedly the one thing that people fear greater than death.  That is, of pubic speaking. I felt the fear and did it anyway.
The most recent examples of that have been my public workshops on sugar.  I was SO nervous…. yet, I came home with a little bit of a high- I really enjoyed it!
There may be things in your life that you are passionate about. Public speaking and sharing health and wellness tips may not be high in your list; but what about writing a book? Or helping the homeless? What about singing in a choir or playing in a band?
If there is anything that is holding you back, learn to talk back to that voice.  That voice is full of doubt, guilt or shame. It is what keeps you from really enjoying life.  Know that each minor decision we make every day affects our future. If we stay paralyzed and stuck because of our inner doubts, we may end up looking back at life with regrets.
Since I’ve become a health coach, I have stretched myself in so many ways , and I still have a long way to go, but I am ready for the adventure!
Are You? 

One thought on “Getting out of our comfort zone

  1. Wonderful post Kellie! We share many of the same fears including getting hit by a ball 😉 I'm not a big sports fan here, either. It's great to step out in faith and tackle something that's a bit outside of our comfort zones. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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