Healthy Snacks Workshop

Healthy Snacks Workshop!

We had a lot of fun on Saturday– I had 9 kids at my house (with their parents) and we did a lot of learning and sampling tasty, healthy treats. First, we played a game called “Traffic Light Eating” where we learned about Green Foods, Yellow Foods and Red Foods. Green foods would be those that are fine to eat as much as you want of, such as broccoli and kale. Yellow foods means foods you can eat every day but you need to slow down with- they are foods that are not normally in their whole state such as pasta and applesauce. Red foods are foods that make you stop and think  if you really need this right now- such as ice cream or cookies. I made sure and told the kids it is fine to have those treats once in awhile but as nutrition detectives we can learn to make better choices. Choices that give us energy and “super powers”. 🙂

We also sampled a “green smoothie” which the kids LOVED…. .they asked for seconds and thirds! It didn’t matter to them that it contained spinach! Moms, this is a great way to get your kids to eat extra veggies… and for you, moms as well!  Most people aren’t eating raw spinach and kale every day.  For a video of my daughter and I making a green smoothie, check out this video.

We also made kale chips, raw chocolate bars and granola energy bites. Stay tuned for the next workshop!


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