The Quest To Be "Good Enough"

This will probably be a quick post but I wanted to share what was on my mind this morning.

This morning I was trying to get my kids ready for school. Now, at their school, they have uniforms but Friday is their “free day” meaning they can wear whatever they want.  I was somewhat amused to find that John chose to wear his uniform and Briana wore her uniform skirt (which I couldn’t help but notice was wrinkled) .  Instead of acknowledging how good they looked, I immediately told John, “why don’t you wear something different? You might be the only one wearing a polo shirt.”  My husband jokingly said “But it’s free day- he can wear what he wants!”  When I pointed out the wrinkled skirt to my daughter, she didn’t care- that is what she wanted to wear.  Later on, I told Briana to pick out her hair pieces.  Now she happens to have a ton of barretts, headbands, pony tail holders, etc.  She also doesn’t really like to wear the headbands because they hurt her head.  In fact, if it was up to her she wouldn’t wear any barrette at all, but she is growing her bangs out so it does help get her bangs out of her face.  Instead of letting her choose like I had told her to do, I tried to convince her to wear a headband. “Honey, it’s been awhile since you have worn a pretty headband.”  Nope- nothing doing.

As I was taking them to school- it dawned on me.  How often do we tell people we accept and love them how they are– but then in the same breath say, “But, could you just change this one little thing about yourself?”

This also holds true with weight loss.  How many times do we say to a family member– I love you so much.  But maybe you should work on losing weight. Okay, I don’t think I would ever talk exactly like that- but you get the idea.

Or maybe we DO talk like that– how about what you say to yourself every day in the mirror?  We may tell ourselves we accept us for who we are.  In our heads, we know we are “good enough.”  Yet, one quick glance in the mirror, and we start judging ourselves in our heads.  “If only my thighs were smaller.” or “When will my stomach ever be as flat as it used to be?”

During the course of your day, really pay attention to the mixed messages you may be sending people– either to your loved ones or to yourself.

And let me tell you– you ARE  “good enough”  because we will never be perfect.  Yes, there may be some health goals we need to work on, but it is BECAUSE  we ARE good enough.  Good enough to take care of our selves.  Good enough to love ourselves enough to not  beat ourselves up the next time we over eat.  Good enough to feel like we deserve to be around for our kids.

Tell yourself- I am good enough. 🙂


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