Link to my Webinar!

Happy Saturday! Good news!  I was recently given permission to share the link to the webinar that I recently presented, for the Mom-E Club!  (a wonderful networking group that I am involved in- for more info, go to or click here. 

The topic of my Webinar is:

Balance The Energy In  Your Home:  Keep Up With  Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind!
This is for all the moms who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It is for those who struggle to maintain the home because of lack of energy.  It is for those who realize they depend too heavily on caffeine to get them through the day.  Perhaps they realize they are in bondage to certain foods that leave them drained or maybe they are dealing with constant stress.  This is also for those who have children who may seem to be hyperactive (and what child isn’t?)  and for the moms who want to learn how to manage their children’s energy in a natural way.  
This presentation is mainly geared towards moms in business because of the nature of the majority of the audience, but this is also geared toward ANY mom!  
Click on this link HERE to watch!!  
p.s.-  you may want to fast forward the first few minutes.  I was having trouble logging on as a co-host. 
Let me know what you think! 

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