Is Craving Carbs A Good Thing?

Today is a nice, cloudy day in Phoenix- I’m lovin’ it!!

Okay- it is time for the NEXT  question!!

Gail, from Phoenix asks:

 “When I am extra tired during the day, I want to eat carbs like pasta and sometimes I feel better. Am I confusing being tired with being hungry or listening to my body that I may need carbs?”


That is an excellent question! 

Most people crave carbs for one of two reasons: 1. They are tired or 2. They are depressed. 
First let me explain why it is normal to crave carbs when we are tired.  All carbs turn into glucose in the body, just like a candy bar.  Carbs can be considered low-glycemic or high glycemic. Any carbohydrate that is made from white, refined flour is considered high glycemic. That means that the glucose (sugar) from the carb is processed very quickly in the body. So one reason people may get into the habit of craving carbs is because they are tired and in need of that “sugar rush”. However, what happens after that?  Normally the blood sugar drops and the person is tired again.  
If the carb makes you feel better, then i would guess that either it is because you were temporarily in need of glucose, or because your body is needing serotonin. 
Serotonin is considered the “feel-good” hormone and is produced when one eats carbs.  Many people who are depressed are naturally low in serotonin.  A person does not have to labeled as “depressed” to be considered low in this hormone. However, it is normally the go-to food of choice when a person is in need of comfort food.
It sounds like you are mainly craving it because you really are  tired and in need of some extra energy.  Craving pasta is totally normal.  However, I would encourage you to replace  your pasta with either some kind of whole grain such as quinoa (which is low glycemic meaning there is no sugar rush and crash) or a natural pick me up such as a banana or raw almonds.  
If you do find you are eating when you aren’t hungry, try a different kind of pick me up, such as putting on some upbeat music, or calling a friend.

Take care!



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