The Missing Puzzle: Ways To Feed Our Soul

Dear friends…What if I were to tell you that the food you are eating isn’t your true source of nourishment?  What if I were to sit down with you and your plate of beans and broccoli and say “I see  your food is healthy, but let me ask you something….are YOU healthy?”

You see, we can eat all the healthy foods in the world…. we can pay close attention to getting the right kinds of nutrients and in the right amounts.  We can choose to purchase only organic and nothing with artificial flavors.  We can avoid fast food and choose to eat home ade black brean brownies for our birthday.  These are all well and good;  we can do all these things, AND STILL NOT BE FEEDING OUR SOUL.

Now you might be asking me, “But you are a health coach, don’t you only talk about food?”  If I only talked about food, it would be like having puzzle pieces and only putting together the frame.  Food alone isn’t the whole picture.  There are other things in life that drive us and make us into the healthy, confident, sexy people we long to be.

Imagine you watch every bite you eat and are always trying out the latest diet, yet you hate your life.  Your marriage is on the rocks, you have no close friends, you dread going to work every day, and you are stressed out because you have no money.  Do you think you would be happy?  How much happiness would your plate of beans and broccoli bring you?  I”m guessing not that much.

Good health is not just about the food!  To me, health means being balanced in ALL areas of life.  The Institute For Integrative Nutrition talks about what is called “Primary Foods”… which are the areas of our life that feed us that are not food, such as Relationships, Career, Physical Activity and Spirituality.

How are you doing with these areas in your life?  Are you out of  balance?

Over the next 4 blog posts, I will be talking briefly about these different areas, and sharing tidbits from my journey as well.  

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