Free Webinar! Happy HEALTHY Holidays!

Hey guys! I am SO EXCITED about my next, FREE WEBINAR! 

The title is “Happy, HEALTHY Holidays: Indulge this season without guilt, stress or shame!” 
Here is what I copied from my Event Brite Page:

The holidays should be a time for parties and good food, but how many of us end up feeling guilty afterward?
Do you just EXPECT to put on the pounds with the hopes of losing the weight in January? 
Does the stress of the Holidays cause you to over eat? 

In this webinar, Kellie shares her tips on how to have a healthy balance this Holiday season. She will:
  • give tips on handling the overwhelming array of Holiday treats, 
  • give ideas for simple, delicious healthy recipes you can make at home,
  • and talk about how to manage your stress so you can enter the Holidays feeling CONFIDENT and ready to tackle the New Year with NO guilt!
This is perfect for you if:
You have already been trying to lose weight
You are afraid  you will gain weight (again!) durng the Holidays
You are an emotional stress eater
You have a natural sweet tooth and want to ENJOY treats without the guilt!

As a BONUS…she will be including a free pdf of healthy Holiday recipes that you can keep
AND…if 10 or more people sign up for the Webinar, she will create your very own PRIVATE Facebook group that will be open until the end of December. In this group, members are encouraged to support one another through the Holidays with making healthy choices, fun recipe exchanges, and ideas for self-care!

To register for this event, go to

The call will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make it, but you do need to register!

Hope to see you there! 🙂


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