Preventing Weight Gain This Holiday…. with a slice of pie?

Are you ready for the Holidays? 
I’m sure you are experiencing mixed emotions.  Excitement. Dread. Child-like wonder. STRESS! Worried about gaining weight!

Is this you? Studies show that it’s not uncommon to gain an average of 7 pounds during the  holidays.

If you dread gaining those holiday pounds, then read on.

First, realize that being healthy and losing weight (or maintaining your weight) is not about deprivation.  We don’t need to go on some silly fad diet or even drink a special shake.  We can enjoy REAL food… and even desserts on occasion.

The key is being mindful of the food on our plate, how much we are eating and how we are feeling at the moment.  Check in with your hunger levels.  Do you really want that second helping of pie or are you just mindlessly reaching for it?

If you do decide to enjoy a slice of pie or some other kind of dessert, then really savor it and do not feel guilty!  It’s normal to enjoy dessert!

If you do feel guilty– do NOT fast the next day– that is a recipe for disaster as you could end up binging out of hunger.  Just eat lighter meals, but make sure you are eating enough.

Now, this advice is not a free pass to just eat whatever you want whenever you want. Respect yourself and your body enough to listen to your cravings, to understand WHY you are craving something, and then really own your choice.  Will you decide to eat a small bite of dessert, or will you choose to replace your craving with something else?

These are just a few tips from my recent Webinar: “Happy HEALTHY Holidays: Indulge this season without guilt, stress or shame!” If this intrigues you, then read on for the link to my recorded Webinar.

I wanted to open up the recording to anyone who is interested.  However, please note that the free recipes that I mention, as well as the private FB group are ONLY  available for those who already registered for the Webinar.

Here is the URL:

Please let me know what you think!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! 

With Gratitude,


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