My WORD for 2013!!

Go to any children’s party and you will know how important having a theme is.  From a Star Wars party, to an Angry Birds party, to Hello Kitty (all themes my children have had), having a theme tells about the child’s interests.  It also makes everything cohesive. Usually when you have a theme, everything matches.  You won’t be having Hello Kitty plates and napkins with Star Wars cups and balloons. 

Women’s Retreats have themes, School Dances have themes, and Class parties have themes.

What is it about a theme that we love?  I think it’s because we can easily identify with it.  We immediately know what something is about and it helps us decide if it is something we would enjoy.

What about your life?  Does your LIFE have a theme?  More specifically… what about THIS YEAR- 2013? 

To put it more plainly…. what is your WORD for 2013?  I first heard this question from my friend and colleague, Christy Foster of Soul Carrot Health Coaching.  I thought it was an intriguing idea. 

If we look back at 2012, what is one word that described your year?  Try to stay positive.  Was it growth? Change?  Courage?  If you can’t think of anything positive, then what can you do to change that for 2013?

Looking back at 2012, my main words were Growth and Change.  Change because we moved from CA to AZ in February, and my husband needed to find a different job.  I also experienced a lot of growth in myself. I opened myself up more to people, I decided to accept myself and not worry about what others think of me, and I tried new things- such as public speaking and Zumba. Last year was also a lot about forgiveness and letting go.

Words are very powerful and I believe that what you focus on in life, expands.  Yes, there were words from last year that are not very positive, such as anxiety (lots of it!).

However,  I want my theme (or WORD) to be something that describes something good… something that makes me feel happy and even something that takes me out of my comfort zone.  

So I have decided that for 2013 my WORD is…. “FEARLESS”.
I have thought about this word and I realize to some this word means “No Fear”.  I know we will always have fear… it’s a normal human emotion.  I thought about changing my word to “Courage”. However, you word should also be something that really sparks some kind of emotion deep in  your core, and “courage” just didn’t do it for me. 

So Fearless it is.  To me, it means “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.  It means getting even more out of my comfort zone  then I was in 2012.   For me  personally, the word fearless immediately triggers the word “Freedom”.  If I am fearless in life, then I will have a chance to live out my dreams and goals and experience the freedom that I am striving for. 

So far this year I am trying out a Belly Dance class (something I never thought I would do because I am so self conscious about my stomach),  I am speaking to a group of girls at my old college (Arizona Christian University) and sharing my story of recovering from an eating disorder, and I am starting a program called “Healthy Happy Hour” where I travel to different fitness studios around the Phoenix area, speak on a wellness topic and then having an instructor lead a free workout…. most of these exercises, such as Tai Chi and Women’s Self Defense, I have never tried before.  These are some examples of how I will be feeling my fear and doing it anyway.

The next thing to do after you pick your word, is to WRITE IT DOWN… either on a Vision Board… or you can write it on a rock and keep it in your bedroom! (thanks to Elizabeth Hartigan of The Gratitude Girl for the idea).

What about YOU? What would you like your word to be for 2013?  Please share in the comments!

Happy New Year!!

Kellie McGarry
 Certified Health Coach


3 thoughts on “My WORD for 2013!!

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