Resolution to make NO Resolutions

Happy 2013!! We are more than a week in and already it’s gone by so fast for me!  I think it’s because I am having so much fun planning some GREAT, AMAZING things for you guys!!

On my Facebook page, I had asked if anyone makes New Year’s Resolutions.  Or if anybody does NOT and why.  I think the lack of response was very telling! Only a couple of people responded and the consensus was that resolutions are not made because most of the time they are not accomplished.

I have been there too many times.  Even as a child I would sit down with my notebook paper and write a list of my Resolutions.  I don’t even remember what they were back then.  I just remember feeling sad at the end of the year because most of them had not been met.

Something else that made it hard for me to meet my Resolutions were because I do remember that they were pretty vague (which is probably why I don’t remember specifics).

Example:  Saying “This year I want to lose weight”  does NOT cut it. It doesn’t tell me how MUCH weight I want to lose.   It doesn’t tell me HOW. It doesn’t tell me by what DATE.

See, the thing is, I don’t believe that Resolutions are WRONG. I just think they have gotten a bad rap because people see it as a DUTY and people feel like a FAILURE for not meeting them.  Therefore, it is one more set of rules that make people feel worthless.  Does this resonate?

What if we changed the word to goals?  As a health coach, my programs are as unique as each individual’s make up.  However, one thing is constant.  I make up to three recommendations every two weeks of a set of GOALS  for my clients to work on.  The catch?  It’s OKAY if those goals are not met!   I don’t make people feel like a failure.  A goal is just that….a goal.  Not something that we say for sure is going to happen.

Now of course, we can’t just sit and twiddle our thumbs and hope that our goals come true.  It does take  ACTION and SUPPORT.

Break your goals down into simple action steps. Make your goals per week instead of per YEAR.   For example, “My goal this week is to do Zumba two times.”  Simple as that!  Once you’ve accomplished your goal, treat yourself to something healthy or non food related.

I will say that most people do need some kind of support and accountability.  It’s not any fun to  make goals and not have anyone cheering you on!!  Husbands may say they support us but they never really “get us.”   Friends may say they will be there for us but may get busy and immersed with their own “stuff.”

This month, I want to challenge you to find one person who can support you and keep you accountable. If you feel like you need extra support,  I would love it if you could schedule a time to meet with me!  You can get to know me and I can learn more about you and what your struggles and obstacles are and we can explore how I can support you to over come them and meet your goals!

~January Special~During the month of January (by the 31st.) I am offering a initial Breakthrough Session (initial consultation) for only $15! This will be applied to any of my programs if you sign up.  (initial sessions are valued at $37)  Questions?  Email me! or go to my website at


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