Finding Joy In the Little Things

So, you are having a bad day.  Work is stressful, you come home and your kids hate the dinner, and your cat just threw up.  You are just about to give up for the day when what seems like out of nowhere, your kids just start giggling.  For a moment, your heart feels happy and you feel an inner peace.

Aren’t those moments the best?  How often do those moments come and go before we even begin to feel grateful and bask in our joy?  I’m sure more often than we care to realize.

Being joyful is not a by product of eating kale and spinach.  Yes, eating “clean” can make us feel good, have more energy, and not get sick as often.  But joy is not found in our food. It’s not even found in our career.  Joy dwells within us and we notice it when we take the time to really zero in on those little things that make us happy.

We all know (and see on TV) about the African orphans who can’t stop smiling no matter how little they have.  On the flip side, we all hear the sad stories of millionaire celebrities who take their own life.

So, just for fun I wanted to write a list of all (well, not ALL- just 10)  the so called “little” things that I know bring me joy.  Then, I encourage you to do the same!

(In no particular order)

1. Dancing with my kids
2. Singing in the car to an uplifting song (especially when my kids sing along)
3. Seeing birds (even if the joy lasts a few seconds)
4. Clouds and rain! (yes, I think I was meant to live in Seattle-lol)
5. A purring cat in my lap
6. Having deep discussions at night with my husband
7.  A hug from a friend
8.  When my husband does all the dishes (hint hint 🙂
9. Sweet bedtime hugs and kisses with my kids
10. The joy I hear in a client’s voice when a lightbulb goes off and they are figuring out their relationship with food

There you go… just ten things which is not exhaustive at all!

What would be top on YOUR list?  Please share in the comments!

To your Joyous Health,

2 thoughts on “Finding Joy In the Little Things

  1. -A wonderful smelling cologne or perfume on someone nearby-watching a firepit on a cool night, bundled w/a blanket-My cats & dogs playing w/each other-agree with: clouds, rain (rain itself and/or just the smell of it), thunder & lightning-Hearing & watching someone laugh so hard they can't stop.-Hugs, a kind touch on the shoulder or knee (an "I care/sympathize" gesture)-walking through big art galleries or zoos/aquariums & getting the time to read the descriptions-…and so many more

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