We are not one-size-fits all

to be beautiful you need to accept yourself

I’ve always loved personality tests.  Psychology was my favorite class.  Right now, I am going through a business coaching program and we are all taking the Enneagram test, which is a really interesting, ancient test that tells you what Type you are.  As I learn more about myself, I am fascinated by just how different everyone we all are.

We are not one-size -fits all… (Random thought- By the way, I HATE one-size fits all clothes.  It may be because I am really short, so those never fit me! ) …And I LOVE that!

So then, why do expect a one size fits all approach to eating?

Diets don’t cater to the different personalities.  Some of us may thrive on the ritualistic approach.  We may crave meal plans and want it all laid out for us.

Others of us say, “I just want to have fun.  If it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it.”  We have no trouble enjoying our food.  However,  we are always desiring will power and envy the more ritualistic dieters.  We may have tried numerous, more restrictive diet plans, to no avail.

Most of us have one thing in common: we don’t fully love ourselves.  To find lasting health (not just physical, but mind, body and soul), we need to accept ourselves the way we are, and then we can start to find a healthy relationship with food.

Many say, “Just be yourself!”, but how can we love ourselves if we don’t know who we are to love? (thanks to my colleague Christy Foster, for that bit of inspiration)

If we don’t love ourselves, we may try to be someone we are not. We may try things that we don’t really like.

When it comes to our relationship with food, we first need to figure out our personality…. what kind of eater am I?  What brings me passion in life?  What are my stress triggers?  What are the foods that make me feel like I am being transported to heaven?

When we figure this out, we can fall in love with food.  Now, wait a minute here… many of us may say, “I love food.  I must love it because I eat WAY too much of it!”

We love the taste of the food,  yes.  We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t enjoy how food tastes.  But do we LOVE the food for what it is?  Do we love it for how it nourishes our body?  Do we love it for the pleasure it brings us?  When we love something, we don’t need more and more of it.  I don’t demand constant attention from my husband.  One or two kisses (or 3 or 4)  is enough.  I feel satisfied.  I can easily stop.

We lust over something that will never truly satisfy.  I am not talking about lust when I talk about loving food.

What I am talking about is a true ACCEPTANCE for the role that food  plays in our lives and how it makes us feel.

So we need to accept our food and have a loving relationship with it, but in order to do that, we need to love and accept ourselves.  If we hate who we are, then how we eat and how we look at food is reflected by that.

So instead of worry about finding the one, perfect diet, consider learning about yourself first, learn to love yourself and to have a healthy relationship with food.

When that happens, it’s like we have finally met our match in food.  Our knight has come to save us.  We no longer need the label of a certain diet because we know we are more then a label.  We have fallen in love with the food that our body yearns for; the right foods that truly nourish our body and soul.

To your joyous health,

Health Coach Kellie


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