Perfectly Beautiful

Many of you know that I struggled with anorexia and bulimia in college.  I am so grateful to no longer struggle with that and now I can help other women learn to love and accept themselves.

So I was going through my file cabinet the other day and found this poem that I wrote in college while I was recovering from the eating disorder.  I may not be the best poet in the world, but I love to express myself when I am feeling low.  I want to explore this side of me more when I am feeling happy too!

Many of us struggle with body image and low self worth and I hope this poem encourages you, not matter what your journey is.  (just an fyi, i wrote this from the perspective of God talking to me)

I also want to encourage you to explore your creative side!  It can do wonders for your healing.


Perfectly Beautiful

You say you want to be like others
Well, what about being like Me?
Patience, love and kindness are better
than skinny as skinny can be
Please don’t sit in agony when I can offer you peace

Child, I know you’re hurting because
I hurt the same as you
I cry the tears that you’re crying
But I long to wipe yours dry

You say it’s too overwhelming
and you can’t see the light at the end
Why even try, you say with a sigh
When this is my identity

So let me speak these words to you
because to me you are so
perfectly funny, perfectly kind
perfectly sweet and you’re perfectly Mine
I’ll tell you the words you long to hear
You are perfectly, perfectly beautiful– all the time.

Have you ever seen an eagle fly so gracefully?
He spreads his wings with confidence
and soars the skies with ease
Step by step, he learned to fly
It took some time, you see
You can be free too, my child, if only you’d believe
That step-by-step I’m right here with you
And I’ll carry you in my wings

So take the first step to get better
It would mean the world to Me
To see you soar with confidence
And to be free my beautiful child
To be free.


Kellie McGarry

Certified Health Coach



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