To BE …. or Not To BE?


The other day I was in a yoga class and it was not like any other yoga class I had been to.  If anybody came in to that class feeling tense or upset about anything, I would have been shocked if they left feeling the same.

It started off with the normal stretches… and then the teacher was talking and told us our mantra for the class would be, “Don’t Do.  Just BE.”

“Don’t Do. Just BE.”  She kept repeating it in her soft, soothing voice, that made me feel SO relaxed.

As I was doing the poses, which were geared toward helping us feel calm and peaceful, I kept having flash thoughts of times recently where I was uber focused on DOING and not enough on BEING.

I would be almost in a panic during the day.  “Am I doing enough for my business?”  “Am I finding enough activities for my kids?”  “Am I cleaning the house often enough?”

“Am I DOING enough??”

Obsessing about these things was not good for my body or my soul.  Focusing too much on doing would make me tense up and not be able to enjoy life as I should.

Now, this is not to say that we should all just lay around in hammocks, drinking pina coladas while listening to ‘Don’t worry. be happy.”  There IS work to do .  Sadly, the dishes will not wash themselves and the “real” never -ending story is about the piles of laundry that somehow NEVER. stop.

The point is to find a happy medium and to focus more on letting go and enjoying the present moment.  We focus on “BE-ing” when first of all, we appreciate who WE are AS  human beings.  Next, we focus on something neutral in that present moment, such as our breath.  Our breath does not play favorites.  It is necessary for life and is something that we do probably thousands of times a day.  Focusing on our breath helps us to stay centered in the moment.  Also, when we focus on “BE-ing”, we are aware of our surroundings and how our body is feeling.  We are attuned to others around us, and how they are feeling.  We are better able to listen to our intuition.  And, we are better able to make choices that help us to THRIVE such as nourishing food choices, or positive acts of self-care.

As we do this, our stress lowers, which affects our need to over eat on comfort foods.  It lowers our blood pressure, and we focus more on our needs in the present moment.

So getting back to the yoga class…. I left there in a trance of sorts. I was soooo relaxed…. (almost too relaxed!).  BUT, I am grateful for the positive message that the instructor shared and reminded us all of.

“Don’t Do.  Just BE.”

Much love,

Kellie McGarry

Certified Holistic Health Coach

So now I want to hear from You in the comments.  Did this post resonate with you in any way?  What is one thing you will do this summer to focus more on BE-ing and less on DO-ing?


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