The Mango-Berry Blast

I normally enjoy posting inspirational stories, but being that I LOVE green smoothies and believe that everyone should try one at least once, (and if you love them, keep making them! ), I can’t help but occasionally share some recipes!

It is getting very warm (super hot, here in Phoenix!)  so green smoothies are the perfect way to refresh yourself.  I know for me, green smoothies helped me combat my major diet Coke addiction!


EDITED UPDATE:  Just today, May 31st, the CDC issued a warning on berries sold at Costco by Townsend Farms- the frozen Antioxidant Blend. This happens to be the blend of berries that I used in this recipe.  Please discard those berries if  you have them in your freezer.  Here is the source:

Here is the most recent one that I made:

The Mango-Berry Blast

1/2 of a fresh mango (you can get these pretty cheap now that they are in season!)

about 1 cup of frozen antioxidant blend (from Costco)

1 cup spinach

about a handful of curly kale

1/4 cup goji berries (great super food!)

1 tablespoon lucuma powder (a natural sweetener that I found at Whole Foods)

coconut water

Blend it all up and Enjoy!!!

Please leave a comment…. what is  YOUR favorite green smoothie?  if you have one, share in the comments!  Or, if you have a question about green smoothies, please ask away!!



One thought on “The Mango-Berry Blast

  1. My standard green smoothie includes kale or spinach, a banana, an orange, frozen berries and chia seeds. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of peanut butter! Often I top it with my granola. Oh, and I love using coconut water too.

    Your mix sounds so refreshing and I’ll be trying it soon!

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