The “S” Word

“Lose weight and feel sexy again!”

“Get your sexy back!”

When you read the above statements, how does it make you feel?  Does it make you feel like the only way to be sexy is to lose weight? Or that you somehow lost your sexiness?

What does the word “sexy” by itself even mean to you?  I bet it depends on the person you ask.  For some of us, it implies feeling confident in your skin.  For others, it conjures up images of svelte Hollywood women, strutting their stuff on the red carpet, or in the bedroom in a movie.

I have to admit, that I have bought into the idea that to be sexy, you need to look a certain way.  I wasn’t able to take a compliment from my husband about how I “look sexy”.   I would wonder how that can be true when I have a flabby stomach, or too much fat on my thighs.

Here is the official definition of “sexy”:  sexually attractive or arousing

This brings me to two main points:

1. you don’t have to be a certain size to be “sexy” and

2. when it comes to the diet industry, the word “sexy” is WAY over used.

Point being….do we lose weight to be sexually attractive?  If that is the case,  to me it seems very dis-empowering to women. It implies that we lose weight to be appealing to men.  And if we are already married, that our husband was surely lying when he told us we were “sexy” because we have not yet reached society’s ideal of what “sexy” should look like.

If sexy to you, simply means feeling confident in your skin without worrying about what your man (or other men if you aren’t married) think of you, then that’s great.  The man who is meant for you will see your true beauty and think you are sexy no matter what your size.

However, if you feel sucked into the ads that to be sexy you need to look a certain way, then I invite you to really dig deep and ask yourself, “What is my “why” for wanting to lose weight?”   Is it to live up to society’s ideal of what it looks like to be “sexy”, or is it to heal  my body and mind, to find a way of eating that I can really enjoy, to reverse chronic pain or illness,( or to prevent those things) to have more energy, and just an overall improved sense of well-being?  Truth is… you can find all these things without focusing on the word “sexy”……. and, once you feel better in your skin, you just might feel more sexually attractive as a bonus….without having to starve yourself with some crazy diet that makes you think you need to be a size 0 to be sexy.

And on that note, I want to leave you with a quote by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Please chime in and let me know your thoughts!  What did this post mean to you? Leave me a comment below!

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Kellie McGarry

Certified Holistic Health Coach

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