4 Reasons Behind Cravings

Recently, as part of my monthly Ladies Healthy Happy Hour program, I spoke on Deconstructing our Cravings.

As I have mentioned in a past blog post on cravings, we ALL have cravings.  It’s very normal.  I would be concerned if you told me that you didn’t crave food at all.  Sadly,  we can try to artificially supress our cravings, but I don’t agree with doing that.  I think us women become conditioned to believe that all cravings lead to lack of will power, therefore we should ban them from our body, like it’s something that we can just say adios to.   We buy things all sorts of things that claim to knock out our craving.  However, cravings are like the warning light of a car.  We are not sure what exactly is wrong with the car, but thankfully, we know that there is something that we need to get resolved.   We need to figure out how solve the problem instead of resisting the messages that our body is telling us.  I REALLY believe that listening to our intuition is where it’s at and that we shouldn’t be afraid to do a quick mental check-in and step inside ourselves to try to figure out what it is that we really need.

There are 4 main reasons for cravings:

1. We are imbalanced nutritionally.

2. We are imbalanced emotionally.

3.  We are allergic to the food that we crave.

4. We associate that food with a special memory.

The 4 main foods that we crave are SUGAR, DAIRY, SALT and CHOCOLATE.

As I mentioned in this blog about salt cravings, SALT, is my major craving, so today I will write again about this one. If you already read the other post, consider this one a reminder!  I always joke about my “pretzel gene” as we have always had them in the house growing up and they have become my go-to snack.

The  4 reasons behind salt cravings are:

salt packet

1. You could be mineral deficient

2. You could crave the crunch because you are stressed or angry. (ever have a fight with your spouse and find yourself in the middle of a chip bag?)

3. You could be dehydrated

4. Rarely, you could have adrenal fatigue, as salt cravings is one of the symptoms

4 Tips on managing salt cravings:

1 Drink a big glass of water

2. Eat crunchy vegetables with dip such as hummus

3. Put your chips on a plate and focus on the taste.

4. If stressed or angry, stop and take deep breaths or do something physical (a punching bag would be nice at times!)

Stay tuned for my next blog post on SUGAR cravings!

Now, I want to hear from YOU! What do you crave the most? Salt, Sugar, Dairy or Chocolate?

In peace,

Kellie McGarry

certified holistic health coach



One thought on “4 Reasons Behind Cravings

  1. I have a huge salt craving, but I also crave meat. I have anemia and I think a lot of my cravings stem from that. I can satisfy my craving with chips and salsa easily. I’d rather have that than sugar, and yes, even chocolate.

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