Peeling back the layers

Recently I have been pondering over a statement that a client said to me.

She said, “Every time I talk with you, I feel like a new person.” 

A GREAT thing to hear, but it makes me think…what does it really mean to feel like a NEW person? It is not like we work on our health goals, weather it be weight loss, eliminating gluten, or simply eating more whole foods…. and then become a whole new person.  We are still the same person inside… we have the same passions, the same talents, the same skills.  What happens, is that a lot of times, these things get buried deep down inside of us.  We no longer trust ourselves so we focus solely on surviving.  We focus on how to get through the day without obsessing too much over food.  How to avoid as many hurtful comments as possible.  How to keep plugging away with a job that we hate.  How to be the best mom we can be and still not go crazy.

As I was thinking more about this, it dawned on me…. working through our struggles and obstacles with the goal of reaching the other side… of finally finding that other version of ourselves that we have dreamed of… actually more like peeling an onion.  We all have layers to us.  Some of us prefer to keep that hard exterior of the onion and others wear our emotions on our sleeve and may have an easier time “peeling back the layers.”   So, in essence, at the core of our being… that core to the onion, so to speak… was always there.

The other day, I was taking a shower and experienced what I call, “The Writing in the Shower Phenomenon. ”  No, of course, I didn’t literally write in the shower. 😉  But I know many of  us seem to be the most creative in the shower.  Or maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s summer time and it’s the only time I have to think!!

Anyway… the words to the following poem just sort of came to me.  I’m not sure if this is really a typical poem.  But the natural progression of this poem reminds me of peeling back layers.  It’s the typical story of the emotions of the clients who come to me.  See if any of these words resonate with you.  It also reminds me that a lot of times , we base our identity on what we look like, or on our negative emotions.

Most importantly, I hope this helps you realize, that there IS hope on the other side.   You are loved!


(photo courtesty of Cochrane)

The progression of I AM……(story of a client)

I AM hate

I AM shame

I AM fat

I AM a number

I AM worthless

I AM desperate

I AM the new diet.

I AM controlled

I AM rigid

I AM overwhelmed

I AM a failure

I AM searching

I AM hoping

I AM learning

I AM  a client

I AM supported

I AM open

I AM exposed

I AM aware

I AM accepting

I AM positive energy

I AM peace

I AM passion

I AM free

I AM beautiful

I AM me


What does “feeling like a new person” mean to you? If this post resonates with you, I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments!

Much love,

Kellie McGarry

Certified Holistic Health Coach


7 thoughts on “Peeling back the layers

  1. Nice poem though I don’t know if I understand “I am a client”. – feeling like a new person means an internal shift for me. But then I really have ‘done the work’ over the last few years

  2. This post reminded me of what the H.E.A.L. technique does through breath work / tapping combo. All that hate shame guilt stuff is a distraction. A Lie. When I sense it sticking me, that awareness alone brings the possibility to make a new choice from fear into joy.

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