Do you have a case of Juggling Burnout?

Have you ever tried to juggle? 

I can’t do it, but I’m amazed at those who can.  What about juggling the balls of life?  Do you find that you are trying to do too much at once?  I have noticed that when this happens, we either try to juggle more and more balls until we burn out, or we drop them all at once. 

juggling dogsource: Grant Cochrane

For me, I tend to be laser focused on one thing at a time.  I don’t do well with juggling many things.  Hence, the 3 week time lapse between blog posts– oops!  Sorry about that!  I’ve missed writing here.

It seems like my life lately has been all about sharing my story of eating disorder recovery and how I became a health coach so I can share my passion with others.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a presentation called “Love the Skin You’re In”.  I also shared my story in a magazine called “Hello Beautiful” (it’s all digital- check it out), which comes out October 1st. and I was also interviewed for an online radio show called Change is Personal (airs in November).  Phew!  I don’t say all this to brag (though I am very excited and grateful for the opportunities) but to express that focusing on sharing my story has caused me to drop the ball in other areas of life- such as my blog and even my newsletter.

But that is totally OKAY!!  Even though I’d like to think I am Superwoman, the reality is I am not (though we can pretend we are when we are cooking dinner while handling a screaming child).

Making priorities in life is essential.  I tell this to my clients.  Many times they want to meet all of their goals at once.  I love when I find a super motivated client, but I know from experience that when we try to accomplish many things, we end up doing those things at our half-best, instead of accomplishing one thing to the best of our ability and then moving on.

For example, we may want to  exercise at the gym 5 days a week, go gluten free,  AND cook all home ade meals.  Now, these goals are GREAT, but it’s a recipe for burn out.  Why not take baby steps, starting with your main priority, and build upon those goals.

So think about your priorities and your goals. What is ONE thing you can work on this week?  Share it here in the comments!

(and remember, I offer a $37 initial consultation called “Breakthrough”– if you need that extra (gentle) kick in the butt- I am here for you!)  Email me for more info at



Certified Holistic Health Coach


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