How to be Awesome in Three Easy Steps

Hey you…. yeah, YOU!

You are AWESOME! Don’t believe me? You might think, “How does she know- she doesn’t even know who I am?”

I don’t need to have ever met you. Even if you tell me you think you are fat, or yell too often to your children, or don’t like vegetables. I don’t care.  We are ALL awesome human beings. I don’t believe that we are born defective. We were born good.

Our emotions get in the way and cloud our thinking.  We think to be awesome we need to be a size 6 , or sing like the lady on The Voice, or cook like Julia Child, or always be energetic enough to play with our children, do 10 loads of laundry, AND help with homework all without pulling our hair out. (okay, that sentence made me want to take a deep breath)  That does not equal awesome.  Those are expectations, dreams, or wishes. That is NOT who you ARE.

recipeforawesomePicMonkey Collage

So instead of giving you a recipe for kale soup, I will give you a recipe for AWESOME.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror.

2. Tell yourself, “I am awesome.”

3. Go out into the world- and BE  YOURSELF.

Now go take your bad-ass awesome self and enjoy your day!



Certified Holistic Health Coach


9 thoughts on “How to be Awesome in Three Easy Steps

  1. Thank you. I am awesome, and being reminded felt nice, Thanks You’re awesome too (I really love the word awesome)

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