Dissecting the words “Nourished and New”

Did you know that I am a “warrior woman”?  Well, at least according to the meaning behind my name.  Not “Kelly” mind you… this meaning only applies to those who are lucky to have my unique spelling of “Kellie”.   Aside from the occasional miss-spelling, I kinda like my name actually!

What does your name mean?  Is the meaning behind a name important to you?  When you chose your child’s name, did you base it on the meaning or did you only choose it because you like the sound of it?  Or perhaps, you chose a family name.  My son John is named after my husband’s father John, who had passed away when my husband was a teenager.

I am actually not writing this post to talk about our names, but to share with you the meaning behind the name of my health coach business-  “Nourished and New”.   First off, I actually can’t take credit for choosing this name.  One of my class-mates suggested it and right away, I intuitively knew it would be a good fit.

What does the word “Nourished” mean to you?   I love comparing the synonyms and antonyms listed on this site.






On the flip side, here are some antonyms:





***Do you feel like you are ignoring your body’s messages to slow down and take a breath? Are you neglecting your body when it comes to self-care and reducing stress? Have you abandoned the notion of just eating healthy without going on a diet?  Do you deprive yourself of pleasurable foods for the sake of weight loss?  Do you deprive your mind of positive thoughts?

***Would you  rather cultivate a state of awareness regarding what your body needs?  Do you want to cherish your body and love the skin you are in?  Do you want to nurture your mind set, allowing yourself to think positive thoughts?  Do you want to sustain your emotional health instead of find a temporary fix?

I know that being nourished has a lot to do with feeding ourselves healthy, nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains, and even meat from animals that were raised sustainably.

However, I don’t think that is the only example of being nourished.  I think we also nourish our soul, or you can even call it our human spirit.  By using relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, we are nourishing our mind, which nourishes our soul– that which is our whole being.   This also happens when we nourish our soul with thoughts of gratitude versus fear or guilt.  So just as we nourish and cultivate a growing flower, we also feed our own minds with words that help us to grow in a positive way, and we feed our body with food that brings us both nutrition and pleasure.

Notice I am NOT saying that nutritious foods are the ONLY nourishing foods. When nourishment is also pleasure, we can enjoy the occasional treat without guilt. In fact, some of us who used to have eating disorders (such as myself) NEED to learn to eat dessert in a way that doesn’t make us to feel guilty.  I do not feel that I was truly nourishing myself when I had the restriction mind set, or even when I was all gung-ho about eating “clean” and was too extreme about it.

In a way, we can be eating all healthy foods (or “real food” as some people call it) and still not be fully nourished-mind, body and soul.  When I meet with someone, it doesn’t matter to me that they  are not eating a perfect diet.  Yes, when we desire nourishment, we start to gravitate towards whole foods, BUT I am more interested to find out how you are NOURISHING yourself, no matter what looks like for you.

What we eat does affect our thoughts in the long run.  But even more so, HOW we eat.  Even if we eat a veggie burger, if we are under stress, our digestion system won’t work properly because it thinks it’s in fight or flight mode and may even release toxins.

I would say this:

Nourishment = whole foods + pleasure foods+ self-care+ mindfulness

blog lotus flower

Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ by “bplanet”

As for the “New” part of the title? 

I don’t think we become a new person.  We were always the same, whole, complete person.  We just became conditioned to thinking a certain way and need to break the pattern.  So we become new in our mind set, in our awareness about life and what makes us tick, what we are passionate about, what foods we really do enjoy or not enjoy, how we see ourselves in the mirror, and how we view others as well.

So, in a sense, we are “RE newed” because we were never broken.  But Nourished and New just sounds good together. 🙂

So I ask again,  what does being “Nourished” mean to you?  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

To a rockin’, Nourished and New you,



p.s.–I have recently tweaked my coaching programs! Curious to learn more?  Email me at healthcoachkellie@gmail.com to set up an initial consultation! And visit my website to learn more about me and my approach.



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6 thoughts on “Dissecting the words “Nourished and New”

  1. I think that our bodies and souls crave the nourishment they need at any given moment. And allowing to give that to ourselves guilt free is a great permission! If we pay attention, our body will tell us exactly what it craves. Thanks for the great post!

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