3 Tips to Reaching Your New Year Goals

Happy New Year!! How are you feeling about 2014?  Excited?  Scared?  A little of both?

This year, I am feeling very hopeful, and excited about what my health coaching business has in store!

This is the time where we think about what we want to aim for… we think of our perceived lack and desire to change.  We may make goals based on constant desires such as wanting to lose weight, or exercise more.  However, how often do we make these goals, only to miss the mark?

Did you know that only 8% of us who make new year’s resolutions actually stick to them? We make resolutions that are either too vague, too unrealistic, or not desirable enough (for example, I will eat more veggies because I “should”) . And we feel like a failure when they are not met! Image
Here are my tips:
1. Make small goals- one week at a time.. or even one day at a time! Know that goals are fluid. Most of my clients don’t always meet every single goal in a specific time frame… and that’s okay! Just as what we eat or not eat is not based on a stagnant list, our goals are not a list of 10 things to do or not do…. they are not laws to obey.

2. Make sure you are in tune with your desired FEELINGS. This thought was inspired by reading “The Desire Map” (highly recommended book). What if instead, we resolved to do things based on feeling more peaceful, more blissful, more …… (you fill in the blank)

3. You can also make “intentions” for the year… this implies that you can visualize yourself doing it… for example, my intention is to lead a group program on loving our body. It’s not a goal because I *know* I will be doing it.

Make it an amazing year, because *you* are amazing!



Certified Holistic Health Coach



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