Finding a “Word” for 2014

Many of you know that last year, inspired by my colleague’s idea, I decided  to choose a Word for 2013.  That word was FEARLESS and you can read more about it here.  

A word for the year is like choosing your theme.  What is it that you want to create more of?  If you were to think about all that you want to accomplish, or how you want to feel, what word would sum it all up?

This is not to say that this is the ONLY thing to focus on.  Even though my word was FEARLESS, I didn’t put everything else aside in my life just to do fearless things.  My focus was also on family, on being vulnerable, and on being more creative.  But at the forefront of my mind was the word FEARLESS.  I even wrote it on a rock and kept it in my kitchen where I would see it.  And it worked!  I did things I never thought I would do, such as public speaking.

I won’t stop trying to be fearless… I believe that the words build upon each other year after year.  So this year, I will carry my fearlessness into other aspects of my life.

One way I will do that is by not being afraid to LOVE others more deeply.  Obviously, I only have a certain kind of love for my husband alone…. but there is a love that I am afraid I have not tapped into as fully as I would like.  This is the kind of love that does not turn my back on a homeless person, that does not run away from those who are gay, and that shows deeper compassion toward those who are labeled obese.  It is a love that shows compassion to animals, even if it means reducing my meat intake even greater, AND…. it is a love that shows MYSELF compassion when  I am “feeling fat.” 

I *say* that I love others as well as myself….. but how much do I really?  Disclaimer:  I don’t believe that it’s easy to love.  Love is not a simple emotion.  It is a deep feeling.  Something that knows no boundaries.  Love contains layers that we are continually peeling off.   And no love is 100% perfect.  BUT… we can resolve to never stop tapping into a deeper love.

I want LOVE to be what fuels my motivations, goals and dreams.  I want LOVE to compel me to treat others differently.  I want my health coaching business to be fueled by LOVE for my clients and friends. And I want LOVE to be what kicks my negative thoughts in the butt and reminds me that I am BEAUTIFUL.I love you

SOOOO…. as you can guess…. I felt really compelled to make LOVE my WORD FOR 2014!!

What about you?  Do you like this idea of finding a Word?  If so, what is yours?  Please share in the comments!  I would love to hear from you. 🙂



Certified Holistic Health Coach and “Body LOVE mentor”


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