Step OUT of the Beauty Box!


Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” Deepak Chopra

I’m sure most, if not all of you have heard or read quotes on getting rid of our box.  Throwing away expectations from society, breaking the status quo, expanding our belief system, trusting our intuition and expanding our consciousness versus shrinking into a mold; these are all ways to get rid of our box.

We get rid of a box when we break free from perfectionism.  When we start our own business. When we challenge the institution.  I know I opened up a whole new world when my husband and I left the institutional church and the pastoral ministry all in one.  We let go of the religious box and expanded our spiritual awareness.

What about the BEAUTY box?  What does that mean?

Do you feel that the only answer is to keep dieting just because it’s all that you know?  Do you measure your worth by whether or not you feel sexy?

Studies show that 90% of women hate their body.  NOT a surprise.  We are constantly being bombarded with unrealistic images from the media and the standards just keep getting more and more ridiculous.   Not only that, but it seems almost the norm to get plastic surgery to “fix” perceived “flaws”.  But that does not get to the root of the issue- which is letting GO of impossible standards and learning to LOVE AND ACCEPT ourselves.  We need to get rid of the box that says that this is how it is and always was, therefore, I need to stay in my comfortable spot and follow the herd of shame-filled dieters and depressed disordered eaters.   Staying in the Beauty Box gets us absolutely NOWHERE.

I am living proof that there is a wonderful, passionate LIFE outside of this box.   I know letting go of our story, of our identity on why we need to do this or that to feel good about ourselves, can be SCARY AS HELL.   As a person who had an eating disorder, saying “good-bye” to “ED” is like cutting off a part of ourselves because for a while, it’s all that we know.  It’s who we are.  It’s comfortable in our box…. OR IS IT, REALLY?

It’s not fun to be constantly comparing ourselves, to eat food that is horrible in the name of healthy eating, to bombard our mind a hundred times a day with thoughts of “I’m too fat. I”m not good enough.  I am not sexy enough.”  It’s EXHAUSTING and not what life is meant to be like for us.

If we at least take that first step OUT of the box, we will begin to see that the Universe WANTS us to be joyful and confident and successful.  However,  those feelings do not come from staying in the box.

So to sum up, what are some ways that we stay in

our own BEAUTY BOX?

  • January comes and we feel obligated to start a new diet or cleanse in the name of weight loss (and because everyone else is doing it)
  • We think that plastic surgery is the answer to fixing our “flaws”.
  • We make our health goals based on what other people say we should do vs. our own intuition
  • We eat food that we don’t like (think fat-free) in the name of health.
  • We exercise, not to feel good, but to burn off what we ate.
  • We make a number on a scale part of our worth as an individual.
  • We base our wardrobe not on our own personality and style, but either on the latest celebrity fashion OR on what hides certain parts of our body that we don’t like.
  • We have fallen into the trap of assuming that fat people are ugly, lazy, dumb and unhealthy.
  • We think that sexy means a flat ab, nice round butt, huge boobs (or even a boob job) and stick pole legs.
  • We spend more time comparing than we do loving.
  • We feel that declaring that “I Am Beautiful” is self-centered.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  These are all LIES that we bought into and they are keeping us confined to our box.

So are you ready to step out of your box?  TAKE A DEEP BREATH.  And know it just takes that ONE step.. that ONE  positive thought to reframe  your mindset and that ONE encouraging word of support to get you started on a journey of SELF-LOVE!

If YOU struggle with letting go of the box and want to learn HOW to reframe your mind and LOVE YOURSELF MORE, please consider joining my *new* online group program called Beautiful Freedom! Please visit this link for more information!

To RADICAL , “box- free living”


Certified Holistic Health Coach

“Body Love Specialist”


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