My Book Is Published!

Hi everyone!


I am so excited to announce that my work book is now published on Amazon!  It’s called Beautiful Freedom: a 4 week guide toward radical body-love and passionate living.  I already have had someone give it a 5 stars and say it’s a “definite must read”!

This book is for anyone who has struggled to love their body, and subsequently are not able to fully thrive and enjoy life. Perhaps you avoid social occasions because you are too self conscious about what you look like.  Maybe you don’t feel beautiful when you look in the mirror and your self-hatred keeps you from being intimate.  Or maybe you have been so immersed with helping other people that you have neglected to love and respect your body enough to truly nourish it.

Please check out my 4 minute video below which tells more details about the book!  You can find it online on Amazon HERE.





Certified Holistic Health Coach


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