What Is Mindful Eating? Part One (VIDEO)

Hi everyone!

Recently, I am getting more into doing videos! Disclaimer:  they are not professional videos by any means, but I have to admit, I am having a hard time figuring out some of the technological stuff.  I kept putting videos off until I realized, I should just do the video and not worry about it!

As a Health Coach, I support women to love and respect their body.  From that, many of them want to know how to eat without having to go on a restrictive fad diet.  I love to talk about Mindful Eating because to me, it is one of the most compassionate forms of self-care we can do.  It’s not a diet- it’s a lifestyle.  Some people tout it as a natural way to lose weight, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a weight loss plan, because it’s simply the way that we approach food.  Some people may lose weight practicing this and some may not.  However, it can greatly improve your relationship to food so you can eat the foods that nourish you and not feel guilty!


Here is Part One:


P.S.- Check out my new work book! It’s for women who are tired of trying to meet society’s unreal expectation and who desire to have the tools to learn to love and accept their body, at any size.  see a sample and learn more about it on Amazon HERE!

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