4 Tips for Moms and Wives on Getting Back Your Mojo This Summer

Summer is Here! Okay, not officially, but at 106 degrees in Phoenix, it sure feels like it!  Many of us have kids home for summer break, whatever their age is, and it can be DRAINING!  I love my kids, but there is only so much entertainment I can provide for them- thankfully they are at an age where they can entertain themselves. 

So the question remains:  How do I continue to keep up my spark?  Have I lost my “Mojo”?  Am I so dang tired that I just feel like a rag doll instead of an energized mama (and wife?)

I know you are busy so I will try to keep this short.

Here are my tips on getting back your Mojo this summer (and as a result feel more confident in your body!)

1. Exercise for 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Note, this does not apply to everyone. Some of you prefer longer lengths of time for exercise, and I get that. However, I recently found something out about myself.  I do better when I exercise in short bursts for more days out of the week. I admit that I did lose my “Mojo” when it came to exercise for awhile there. Now, I love yoga, but I just can’t get to a class right now.  So I found something online called DoYouYoga… it’s a 30 Day Challenge that one can start at anytime, and the videos are only 15 minutes!  If I can do it, you can too.  Now, if you can get away to a gym and you enjoy it as well, more power to you.  That is one way to get a much needed break.  However, if you simply can’t (or don’t care to) do that, then embrace the flexibility of being able to exercise at home!  I do yoga during my kids reading time, which is at 7 p.m. at night.  Or after their bedtime.  So bottom line:  having kids at home  for the summer and living in warm weather does not need to be an excuse!

2. Eat light.  Specifically try green smoothies (I love them!), or if you just can’t stand those (not everyone likes them), find a good salad recipe  such as this one or this one.  Nobody likes to feel bloated, but especially not in the summer when we aren’t dressed as heavily or  we are wearing a swimsuit.  (Remember though, if you feel bloated, it is NOT the same as gaining weight– no, you are not fat, and its’ not your fault. It’s just not the right time of the year for heavy food!)  There is a reason why we gravitate toward certain foods at different times of the year.  Go to farmer’s markets and you will know which foods are best for summer time.

3. Go to bed naked. (did I just say that? disclaimer: this is advice for myself too!)  Obviously in the winter time, we need to dress warm! However, now is the time to strip- at bedtime, I mean–I’m not saying to join a nudist group 🙂  Have you stopped feeling sexy in front of your husband?  I dare you to go to bed in the nude and see what happens. 😉 If you are single, then before you go to bed, look in the mirror and say one thing that you love about yourself.

4. Above all, learn to love yourself even when you are feeling unlovable.  I mentioned how the heat can drain us.  So can negative thoughts, my friend.  If you are having trouble seeing yourself as beautiful, try writing positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself daily.  These are not only uplifting but also energizing.  If you are feeling ugly, write, and say out loud: “I am a beautiful human being and nothing can change that.”  If you are exhausted, write and say: “I support my body with food and exercise that increase my energy.”


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Love and Light,

Kellie McGarry

certified holistic health coach







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