The Best Kept Self Care Secret [Guest Post]

Dear friends,

HAPPY LABOR DAY!  Hopefully today you are RESTING from your labor!

Today, I am grateful to have my fellow Certified Health Coach, Laura Prevost share this awesome post.  It’s a subject that I need to be reminded of as I am a major Night Owl!! (any others out there? give me a shout out!)

Do you practice this one form of self care? And did you realize all of the wonderful benefits it has?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Kellie McGarry

Body Image Coach


ID-100257325( “sattva”)

I know what you’re thinking.

Oh yes, yes I do. You’re thinking, “oh gosh, spare me, not another post about Self Care.” You may have even added in an eye roll just for kicks. But you couldn’t resist, you’re hoping for that Self Care quick fix…..the one thing that doesn’t require any extra time and makes you scream with JoY every morning when you wake up!

What if I told you this one simple Self Care activity will increase your Love of Yourself and your LiFE? And that it’s FREE??!!

You heard right….it’s FREE!

Are you ready? Here it goes…the best kept Self Care secret is…..SLeeP!

Yup, that’s it. That’s the Self Care Secret to changing your life! When’s the last time you Gifted yourself with enough sleep? Where you chose to say YES to yourself and allowed yourself to get the zzzzz’s needed to rejuvenate you Body + Mind + Soul?

So here’s the dealio yo. I know you KNOW how beneficial sleep is but there’s a difference between knowing and DOing.

Let’s review the benefits of sleep before we move forward with the DOing:

-Increased Positive moods
-Better weight control
-Increased energy
-Less sugar / junk food cravings
-Increased memory
-Better health – happier heart, less stress, less inflammation

Time to chat about the DOing. I’m not going to even pretend I know what your life is like, how hectic + full + lush it is. All I know is that by Gifting yourself with plenty of sleep, you’re Loving Yourself and increasing your ability to fully embrace + enJOY all bits of your life.

So how do you DO? Take a realistic look at your schedule. Do you really need to stay up another hour to watch your favorite television show or play on Facebook or putt around the house? Isn’t your health + happiness worth so much MORE to you? Ask yourself: what am I doing for myself to increase MY needs? MY health + happiness? What would your life look like if you Gifted yourself with the sleep you desire? How would you feel physically? Get specific. How about how would you feel emotionally? Spiritually?

Sleep is a Gift of Love to Yourself. Are you in?



( “Keattikorn”)


Laura is a Lifestyle Coach who believes that everyone can create a JoY-FuLL LiFE overflowing with Health + Success + Gratitude. She guides her peeps one step at a time motivating each individual to find their Personal Power + inner Sparkly JoY. She incorporates compassion, affirmations, and humor into her sessions. She has a B.A. in Human Behavior, is certified in life and health coaching and has been coaching for over 3 years. Laura is excited to share in the journey of others as they discover their True Potential +

Looking for Laura?

Find her at her soon to be launched website:
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Give her a call: 303-913-2893

She’ll be Delighted to hear from YOU!



4 thoughts on “The Best Kept Self Care Secret [Guest Post]

  1. Yes, I am in. I feel enough of our obesity epidemic is due to a lack of sleep – chronic, in the United States. I know, for myself, that I am a terrible grouch when I do not get enough sleep. What would happen to us all if we got enough sleep? It’s food for a lot of thought.

    1. YaY for being in! I wonder too, what would happen to all of us if we got enough sleep – definitely something to ponder. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! In between all the pondering, I wish you many nights of delicious + rejuvenating sleep!! 🙂

  2. Hi Laura – Great guest post. I agree with that you are saying about sleep. It’s so important and the things you’ve said are spot on!

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