EMBRACE: join me for this life-changing documentary!

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! As some of you know, I have been a BIMGA (Body Image Movement Global Ambassador) for a fabulous lady named Taryn Brumfitt.  I first came across her Facebook page back in 20…

Source: EMBRACE: join me for this life-changing documentary!

Body Positive Is For Everyone

Love these thoughts here. The body positive movement is for everyone!

The Ipockolypse

My husband and I were discussing the blog the other night, while cuddling on couch. He said that someone told him that the body positive movement was only created so overweight people can feel good about being overweight. My husband, bless his heart, said maybe the movement would have more legitimacy if there was more to it.

I tried not to let my rage boil over and burn his face.

20140723_202727First off, and this is truly just a side note, there is nothing wrong with people loving their body type even if it is not ideal. Just because you don’t find something aesthetically attractive doesn’t mean other people won’t. The fact that we need a movement so women can stop hiding in their homes and be out in the world is a sign that it is needed. No woman, no one, should have to hide in shame because of how…

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Nothing is the New Skinny

How do you feel about the phrases “strong is the new skinny” or “healthy is the new skinny”? I totally agree with the author here and wanted to share her post!


Dances With Fat

WTFI got an e-mail from blog reader asking me what I think about “strong is the new skinny” and  “healthy is the new skinny” campaigns.  I’ve seen these phrases on everything from t-shirts to websites.  I think it’s total crap.

Strong, healthy, and skinny have different meanings and priorities for different people and none of them are entirely within our control.

I’ve seen at a lot of so-called “fitspiration” sites that claim “strong is the new skinny” and what I’ve seen is a whole lot of bodies that all look the same.  Cheryl Haworth is almost 300 pounds and is an Olympic medalist who was once the third strongest woman in the world, but I’ve never seen her, or anyone who looks like her, on a “strong is the new skinny” website, the sentiment seems to be much more “skinny with muscles” is the new “skinny.” It’s not that there’s…

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Want to see me in a tiara and sash?

Hi everyone!

I can not believe that the Mom e-Club’s BIG celebration is coming up in just TWO WEEKS!  As a reminder, I was nominated to be a finalist in the running for the title of MOM ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR!   

It is quite the honor and I feel very humbled.  I am just glad for the opportunity to share my story of how I overcame body hatred and how I can use my experience to coach and inspire others. 🙂

How I was chosen to be a finalist was based on a video that I created at home where I shared my passion and story as a Health Coach.  I guess my story was inspirational enough to be chosen and I then went on to create a professional video (I was a bit nervous but had FUN!) with David of Basix Media (thanks, David!).

It’s THIS video that I would LOVE for you to watch (it’s only 2 minutes, trust me, you have time!) and then click the button below that says “Vote for Kellie McGarry”.  Of course, you can also check out the other finalists as well! (and don’t feel bad if you want to vote  for others too, but as a fan I hope you would pick me! 😉


Voting is only ONCE per person, per IP address and the deadline to vote is May 5th, 2014!

momePicMonkey Collage


Here is the video to watch now, but you ALSO need to click on THIS link to vote!!



Many, many thanks! 🙂  I will reveal the winner after May 7th! 🙂  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on my message! What inspired you the most?  Please SHARE in the comments below!  And then copy and paste this link to my video and share with your friends as well!


Kellie McGarry

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Finding Freedom- a poem about healing

I am hoping this poem will resonate with someone! This one just came to me yesterday.

August 9, 2007 070_2

What is it that weighs me down like an anchor at the bottom of the sea.
I am shackled by the darkness. Is it


Holding onto what I should look like, think and feel?

If I let go will I drown in my awareness or swim to a place where freedom lies?

Free of doubts
Free of pain
Free of comparisons

Will I drown in the storm or be lifted up to a place where I can be me? Where I can simply BE?

Freedom comes when I take a breath and rise up to a place of healing.

Letting go of my shackles, I do not know the place where the crystal blue water hits the glistening sand.

But I know that transformation awaits when I graciously, fearlessly, and with great faith, open my heart and surrender to the tides of water that we call life.

–by Kellie McGarry

Holistic Health Coach


kids at shore Morro Bay

Happy Freedom Day!


Today, we in the USA celebrate our freedoms as a country. I also think about the freedoms that I have found in my own life: freedom to think and ask questions and have doubts, freedom to be myself even if everyone around me thinks I”m strange, freedom to love and accept others of different religions, different sexual orientations, others of all shapes and sizes. Freedom from the shackles of anorexia and bulimia. Freedom from my love-hate relationship with food. Freedom from my obsession about my stomach. Freedom to share my opinions on health. Yes, today, I am thankful for our country’s freedom….and with that comes gratitude toward the freedoms that I have found in my own life.



Happy 4th of July!!



Interview with “The Gratitude Girl” (and a fun CONTEST!)

Sometimes people come into your life who drain your energy. They are constantly complaining about anything and everything.

Then there are those times when someone comes into your life who shines so brightly you can’t help but put a smile on your face and feel uplifted and inspired for the rest of the day.

This is what I found in Elizabeth Hartigan, who is a Coach and calls herself The Gratitude Girl

I first heard about her page on Facebook.  It was Thanksgiving and she was talking about what she is grateful for.  Before long, I noticed that she posts her gratitude every single day.  That was a good reminder for me to stay centered in gratitude, as I know how easy it is for us to lose sight of that.

Her daily reminders to be grateful has increased my joy and contentment tremendously.  I now find myself feeling grateful for so-called little things, like toilets and fly swatters. 🙂 

Recently, I asked Elizabeth a few questions by email, and here are her responses.

(Then, be sure to leave a comment below sharing what you are grateful for. This is part of a fun contest and the winner will receive some great gifts!  Read more about the contest below, after the interview.)

The Gratitude Girl

I love your title. Will you share with us how you became The Gratitude Girl?

Thank you, Kellie. Truthfully Gratitude found me! 12 years ago I found myself in a bit of a funk. I discovered a lump in my neck and was told I had cancer.

 In that moment my world began to shift! Gratefully Oprah had a very special guest Mattie Stepanek a little boy with Muscular Dystrophy who lost 3 siblings and was sharing his battle and struggle in his life. I thought if this little guy can be so loving and so grateful, than so can I!
I started with a simple spiral notebook, and have to admit when I started it was a struggle to jot down 5 things a day to be grateful for.  Now I can easily list hundreds in a few minutes.

About 40 days later the lump was gone, I did no traditional treatment, I simply went within and removed negativity, release people and things that needed to be released, followed my intuition, and started with Gratitude!
This diagnosis was a blessing in disguise, I realized the power we each have in changing our lives by changing our thoughts. My life has never been the same, it is now an honor and joy to share this gift with others!

Explain with us the benefits of why it is so important to practice gratitude every day.

Sharing gratitude is such an important and powerful tool. It has been scientifically proven that gratitude is one of the highest levels of vibration in the world. So as we practice gratitude personally, and practice sharing gratitude we instantly lift our vibration, we enhance and strengthen our relationships. Know that your words have the ability to heal and bless another, often we are told what is wrong rather than what is right. I make it a point to share gratitude with someone each and everyday!

I know you have mentioned to me before that you don’t just talk about gratitude.  Can you share some examples of what you discuss with your clients?

Absolutely, Gratitude is the foundation of my work. I also help my clients discover their purpose and live from their passion.
Much of the work I do is on shifting our thinking, releasing old negative thoughts that are running in the background, letting go of that which no longer serves us, and clearing space for that which we intend to attract in our lives. I help clients make conscious changes in our lives, and allow their own unique magnificence to Shine!

photo of Elizabeth

How does someone know if they could benefit from a Gratitude coach, such as yourself?

I specialize in working with Female Entrepreneurs who are looking to make a change or shift in their lives. They love their lives but may be wondering how do I live fully and passionately from my purpose? They may be feeling stuck or blocked in a particular area of live and wondering how do I attract more of what I want into my life? They may want to release a block or find a new way of looking at things, I always say Perception is everything! We see the world through our own filtered perceptions. When we begin to shift the way we look at things, the things we look at begin to shift.

What is it about being The Gratitude Girl that really lights you up and brings you joy?

I love hearing stories of relationships that have been healed or repaired through gratitude after working with me or attending a seminar.

 I love seeing someone get that a-ha moment right in front of you. You see it in their eyes and in their heart.

 I love helping someone to release a block or self imposed limitation by bringing it forth. So often we do not even realize the limiting ideas or blocks we carry around until someone else see’s it in us. As a coach or guide part of my work is in paying attention to what is being said or going on underneath the surface by bringing it to light and using gratitude to re-frame a situation.  Perception is everything!

Lastly,  please share what you are grateful for today!

There is so much to be grateful for! Today, I am grateful for a custom blended iced tea infusion, YUM! I am grateful for my husband Kurt who is so supportive and loving. I am grateful for my doggie Sterling who is endless joy, unconditional love, and reminds me to play! I am grateful for the ability to go within and to listen to that small voice that is guiding me.  I am grateful for my friends who bless and enrich my life in so many ways!  I could go on and on!

Thank you for this opportunity to share! I am truly grateful! 🙂

With Gratitude,



Thank you, Elizabeth!  I am grateful for YOU!

So, my friends…How often do you share gratitude?  I challenge you to write down what you are grateful for every day, and visit Elizabeth’s special gratitude page, The Gratitude Girl on Facebook, to share what you are grateful for!  Also,  to learn more about The Gratitude Girl, please visit her website at www.TheGratitudeGirl.com.

You may also connect with her by “liking” her facebook page HERE.

So, now for the CONTEST!!

Here is what you need to do:  Share in the comments below (click the link underneath this post), what you are grateful for! Simple as that!

How you win:  I will pick a winner at random through random.org

Deadline Tuesday, June 18th at midnight, AZ time (please note date change) …. but go ahead and share your comment TODAY!

What you will win!

-a copy of the book The Slow Down Diet, by Marc David (this book transformed the way that I look at food),


-PLUS 2 FREE health coaching sessions with myself (for you or a friend) (visit my website at www.nourishedandnew.com to learn more about what I do and how I can support you around your relationship with food and your body!)

-AND a beautiful Gratitude Stone, from Elizabeth Hartigan, The Gratitude Girl.  I have a stone and it’s always a great reminder to be grateful!


You will be contacted by email, so please make sure and leave your email address with your comment! I will also share the winner on a blog post.

Why am I having this contest?

To celebrate one year of blogging!! And to celebrate YOU!

So, I want to see LOTS of gratitudes!  And please share this blog on your Facebook page!  Thank you for all of YOUR support!  I am truly GRATEFUL for all of you!



p.s.-  feel free to take a look around at my other posts! I usually post inspiring messages of health and wellness to support and encourage you on your journey!  And if you like what you see, I would LOVE it if you could subscribe!



We are not one-size-fits all

to be beautiful you need to accept yourself

I’ve always loved personality tests.  Psychology was my favorite class.  Right now, I am going through a business coaching program and we are all taking the Enneagram test, which is a really interesting, ancient test that tells you what Type you are.  As I learn more about myself, I am fascinated by just how different everyone we all are.

We are not one-size -fits all… (Random thought- By the way, I HATE one-size fits all clothes.  It may be because I am really short, so those never fit me! ) …And I LOVE that!

So then, why do expect a one size fits all approach to eating?

Diets don’t cater to the different personalities.  Some of us may thrive on the ritualistic approach.  We may crave meal plans and want it all laid out for us.

Others of us say, “I just want to have fun.  If it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it.”  We have no trouble enjoying our food.  However,  we are always desiring will power and envy the more ritualistic dieters.  We may have tried numerous, more restrictive diet plans, to no avail.

Most of us have one thing in common: we don’t fully love ourselves.  To find lasting health (not just physical, but mind, body and soul), we need to accept ourselves the way we are, and then we can start to find a healthy relationship with food.

Many say, “Just be yourself!”, but how can we love ourselves if we don’t know who we are to love? (thanks to my colleague Christy Foster, for that bit of inspiration)

If we don’t love ourselves, we may try to be someone we are not. We may try things that we don’t really like.

When it comes to our relationship with food, we first need to figure out our personality…. what kind of eater am I?  What brings me passion in life?  What are my stress triggers?  What are the foods that make me feel like I am being transported to heaven?

When we figure this out, we can fall in love with food.  Now, wait a minute here… many of us may say, “I love food.  I must love it because I eat WAY too much of it!”

We love the taste of the food,  yes.  We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t enjoy how food tastes.  But do we LOVE the food for what it is?  Do we love it for how it nourishes our body?  Do we love it for the pleasure it brings us?  When we love something, we don’t need more and more of it.  I don’t demand constant attention from my husband.  One or two kisses (or 3 or 4)  is enough.  I feel satisfied.  I can easily stop.

We lust over something that will never truly satisfy.  I am not talking about lust when I talk about loving food.

What I am talking about is a true ACCEPTANCE for the role that food  plays in our lives and how it makes us feel.

So we need to accept our food and have a loving relationship with it, but in order to do that, we need to love and accept ourselves.  If we hate who we are, then how we eat and how we look at food is reflected by that.

So instead of worry about finding the one, perfect diet, consider learning about yourself first, learn to love yourself and to have a healthy relationship with food.

When that happens, it’s like we have finally met our match in food.  Our knight has come to save us.  We no longer need the label of a certain diet because we know we are more then a label.  We have fallen in love with the food that our body yearns for; the right foods that truly nourish our body and soul.

To your joyous health,

Health Coach Kellie